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DUAL PACK 2.5 Litre Ready-to-Use Eco Bird Cage Cleaner 2-in-1 Odour Remover and Cage Cleaner for Fresh Aviaries

DUAL PACK 2.5 Litre Ready-to-Use Eco Bird Cage Cleaner 2-in-1 Odour Remover and Cage Cleaner for Fresh Aviaries

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Key Ingredients

Water, Alkyl Polyglycoside (Plant-Based), Bacterial Spores Blend (Bacillus Strains)

How to use

Enzymes partially degrade and breakdown the effluent into an easily degradable form. What remains is water soluble which can be safely returned to the environment.

High Efficiency
Designed to penetrate more deeply and clean more thoroughly. Kept moist,the enzymes and microbes go on working until all organic waste is consumed. Bacteria counts are kept lower for longer and surfaces are clean for final sanitisation.

Immediate Odor Control.
Substrate specific enzymes prevent odours by breaking down their source.Eg..Urease breaks down urea before ammonia is produced.

Non-Caustic ,pHNeutral.
Because of their pH neutrality, bio-enzymatic cleaners are safe for the environment as well as human health.

Sustainable and Environmently Friendly.
By harnessing natural technology– the means by which nature cleans itself,bio-enzymatic cleaning is totally environmentally responsible and the very essence of sustainability. It provides an altogether better solution for cleaning as the degraded dirt and residual enzymes can be flushed to drain and will help water treatment plants further down the sewer line.

A Highly Effective Bird Cage Cleaner which harnesses the use of Beneficial Bacteria designed to enhance the breakdown of Food Waste, Bird Droppings and Unwanted Odours. Spray product directly on the cage surface. Wipe with a cloth. Spray and leave for a few minutes on heavily built up areas to allow the enzymes to soften the mess.

With the use of Powerful enzymes designed to breakdown the source of odours this eco cleaning solution is safe for pets, humans and all surfaces. Great with cleaning all accidents including urine, feces and any other nasties. 

Safe and effective on all surfaces including carpet, wood floors, tiles, marble, leather, fabric and much more. You will be sure to tackle any mess while at the same time protecting your surfaces from damage. 

Safe Cleaning  

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