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We love the work that Rescues do for animals in need. We would like to help by providing all Pet Rescue Groups with a 50% unique code on all online purchases

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The True Eco mission is to provide "a safer way to clean" by developing the best eco friendly cleaning products for your family and pets.

Rodrigo & Dimitria - Founders

About Us

TRUEECO is a 100% Australian Owned Family Company. We love sharing the gift of safe cleaning with our amazing community. Saving money and plastic is just the beginning. We strive to deliver eco friendly products to protect your family (including our four legged friends)!


    A Highly Effective Dog and Cat Surface Cleaner which harness the use of Beneficial Bacteria designed to enhance the breakdown of Organic Waste and Eliminate Unwanted Odours.

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  • Surface Sanitiser & Disinfectant

    An environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic disinfectant/sanitiser designed to protect habitats and surfaces.

    Perfect for where pets and animals eat, sleep, play and live.

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  • Eco Bird Cage Cleaner

    Safe effect way of Cleaning you bird cages. Spray product directly on the cage surface. Wipe with a cloth. Spray and leave for a few minutes on heavily built up areas to allow the enzymes to soften the mess.

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