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2.5L Ready-to-Use Everyday Cleaner - Effective Household Cleaning Solution

2.5L Ready-to-Use Everyday Cleaner - Effective Household Cleaning Solution

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Key Ingredients

How to use

Experience a superior, streak-free clean with our 100% natural multi-
purpose cleaner. This highly effective biological cleaner will replace all your current conventional cleaners. Perfect for every surface in your
home and vehicle. The Everyday Cleaner works great on tiles, wood
floors, carpets, leather, fabric, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, and much
much more. Simplify your cleaning routine with one solution that does
it all.

  • Large Quantity: Generous 2.5-litre size provides ample supply for multiple cleaning tasks.
  • Ready-to-Use: No need for dilution or mixing, saving you time and effort.
  • Versatile: Suitable for a wide range of household cleaning applications.
  • Effective: Powerful formula tackles dirt, grime, and stains with ease.
  • Convenient: Ready-to-use format allows for immediate use whenever cleaning is needed.
  • Value: Cost-effective option for households requiring larger cleaning quantities.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Alkyl Polyglycoside (Plant-based), Bacterial Spores, Blend (Bacillus Strains)


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